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ByFawad Khan

Cloud-native Application Development

Options available to developers and DevOps professionals to build Cloud-native applications using the Azure cloud.

ByFawad Khan

Azure Cloud PaaS Web services

Reasons why developers and DevOps professionals love Azure Cloud PaaS services.

ByFawad Khan

Cloud Computing Trends of 2021

Here are some of the key Cloud Computing trends for 2021 as we live through the Covid-19 pandemic.


ByFawad Khan

Are you interested in Learning about the Cloud?

Are you new to the world of Cloud Computing? Are you interested in learning about Microsoft’s Azure Cloud? This post shows you some of the key topics to learn as you start your Cloud journey.  

ByFawad Khan

Starting to learn about Cloud Computing?

Are you just getting into learning about Cloud Computing? This post shows some of the key topics to get you started in the right direction with core topics.  

ByFawad Khan

Cloud Computing to the rescue during the Covid-19 pandemic

Cloud Computing has come to the rescue for many organizations and professionals in not only helping them work remotely but also to secure their jobs in these uncertain times. In this age of Covid-19 pandemic many companies have closed their physical offices and facilities and have asked their employees to work remotely from home. Without Cloud Computing in place and accessible to companies of all sizes, this massive remote work paradigm would not have been possible. Read more

ByFawad Khan

Role of a CIO in Digital Transformation

A CIO plays a critical role in Digital Transformation and although she is not the only C-suite executive engaged in Digital Transformation initiatives, she is one of the key leaders during the transformation journey that any organization may take on. Granted that Digital Transformation is not just about the new emerging technologies and using them, it is usually the IT department under the CIO’s leadership which is responsible for evaluating, trying, deploying, maintaining and supporting any new digital technologies in the organization. Read More

ByFawad Khan

Innovation and Experimentation essential for Digital Transformation

In this article I discuss innovation and experimentation as an important part of any Digital Transformation. I will provide high level guidelines on building Innovation and Experimentation framework in your organization and then offer recommendations on leading successful digital transformation experiments. Read More

ByFawad Khan

The ‘How’​ of Digital Transformation

In this article I share my thoughts on the ‘How’ part of Digital Transformation including Organizational culture, using proper technologies, harnessing the Cloud, adopting accelerated innovation & experimentation, making right decisions for your people, technology, & processes, utilizing data and analytics to assess progress and calculating the ROI. Read More

ByFawad Khan

Cloud industry’s Top Trends of 2019

According to the latest Gartner report prediction the public Cloud services market will grow from $182.4B in 2018 to $214.3B and then topping to $331.2B in 2022. This prediction and trend show the momentum that Cloud Computing has picked up in the last few years and how both Enterprise and SMB market sectors equally are moving to the Cloud. Cloud application services (SaaS) is still leading the pack as the most consumed service since this it is used across the spectrum of customers from small, mid-sized to large enterprises. Read More

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