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ByFawad Khan

The ‘How’​ of Digital Transformation

In this article I share my thoughts on the ‘How’ part of Digital Transformation including Organizational culture, using proper technologies, harnessing the Cloud, adopting accelerated innovation & experimentation, making right decisions for your people, technology, & processes, utilizing data and analytics to assess progress and calculating the ROI. Read More

ByFawad Khan

Cloud industry’s Top Trends of 2019

According to the latest Gartner report prediction the public Cloud services market will grow from $182.4B in 2018 to $214.3B and then topping to $331.2B in 2022. This prediction and trend show the momentum that Cloud Computing has picked up in the last few years and how both Enterprise and SMB market sectors equally are moving to the Cloud. Cloud application services (SaaS) is still leading the pack as the most consumed service since this it is used across the spectrum of customers from small, mid-sized to large enterprises. Read More

ByFawad Khan

Innovation and Automation should be core pillars of any Digital Transformation strategy

Two essential ingredients of any Digital Transformation strategy must be Innovation and Automation. Both of these will help you move closer to the digitization of manual processes and tasks within your company. For majority of the digital transformation initiatives Cloud Computing will play a key role as an enabler and a catalyst. Numerous Cloud services from multiple providers are helping companies to automate business processes and manual tasks along with enabling them to run experiments to try and test new ideas before making decisions to scale these ideas to  production systems.

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ByFawad Khan

Enterprise IT project management best practices

This last summer we wrapped up a very intense and fast paced project I was leading from the beginning of the year. It taught me a few things along with reinforcing some of the project management best practices I have picked up in the last few years in managing other projects. This last one was a global project with teams here in US and the development team in India. What follows are some of the project management essentials I followed and were key to the successful completion of the project.

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