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ByFawad Khan

Technologies that will disrupt organizations in 2021.

What technologies will disrupt 2021. Here is a list of some of the key technologies:

ByFawad Khan

Cloud Computing Trends of 2021

Here are some of the key Cloud Computing trends for 2021 as we live through the Covid-19 pandemic.


ByFawad Khan

How to boost mental health during the pandemic

The current Covid-19 pandemic is taking a toll on our mental health. Here are five ways in which you can boost your mental health.



ByFawad Khan

10 ways you can avoid Digital Transformation Failure

Here are 10 common ways in which you can avoid Digital Transformation failure as a CIO/IT leader.


ByFawad Khan

CIO AI Strategy

Some important factors for CIOs to consider as they build out their AI strategy, as part of their Digital Transformation journey.


ByFawad Khan

Avoiding Digital Transformation mistakes

Here are seven mistakes that an IT leader can avoid as Digital Transformation strategy, planning and execution.


ByFawad Khan

Digital Transformation Metrics for Leaders

Have you considered these metrics for your Digital Transformation progress?


ByFawad Khan

How leaders can manage Digital Transformation remotely

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts for the leaders as they manage Digital Transformation with their teams and organization:

ByFawad Khan

Interested in Data Science and Machine Learning?

Do you want to learn about the basics of Data Science and get started with Machine Learning quickly? Then, watch these short videos to get started.

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