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October 2nd, 2020
I am really excited to be going back to iSchool at the University of Washington to teach the Digital Transformation course to graduate students. More details about the course here


September 25th, 2020
I will be part of a panel Webinar with Ian Moyse and Jagan Jami discussing  remote work, leveraging AI and collaboration tools.  Register here.

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Data Science & Machine Learning
ByFawad Khan Aug 7, 2020

Interested in Data Science and Machine Learning?

Do you want to learn about the basics of Data Science and get started with Machine Learning quickly? Then, watch these short videos to get start

Learn about the Azure Cloud
ByFawad Khan Aug 6, 2020

Are you interested in Learning about the Cloud?

Are you new to the world of Cloud Computing? Are you interested in learning about Microsoft's Azure Cloud? This post shows you some of the key t

Think out of the box
ByFawad Khan Jul 30, 2020

Wanting to innovate and experiment as a team?

Do you want to innovate and experiment? Here are some guidelines for you and your team to think out of the box to generate ideas to succeed as a

Learn about Cloud Computing
ByFawad Khan Jul 29, 2020

Starting to learn about Cloud Computing?

Are you just getting into learning about Cloud Computing? This post shows some of the key topics to get you started in the right direction with


Here are some of my recent and upcoming projects.

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