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June 25th, 2021
Ecstatic to be announcing the release of my new book: Digital Transformation using Emerging Technologies in Amazon on June 25th , 2021. Pre-order your copy today!

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Announcing my book: Digital Transformation using Emerging Technologies: A CxO's guide to transform your organization
ByFawad Khan May 25, 2021

Announcing my book: Digital Transformation using Emerging Technologies

I am super thrilled to announce the release of my book! An idea that I floated around back in December of 2019 with a friend is close to beco...

Cloud-native Application Development
ByFawad Khan May 24, 2021

Cloud-native Application Development

Options available to developers and DevOps professionals to build Cloud-native applications using the Azure cloud.

Azure Cloud PaaS services
ByFawad Khan May 23, 2021

Azure Cloud PaaS Web services

Reasons why developers and DevOps professionals love Azure Cloud PaaS services.

Emerging Technologies
ByFawad Khan May 1, 2021

Emerging Technologies Top 50 Influencers list

I am listed as one of the top emerging technologies thought leaders and influencers in the Thinkers360 list.


Here are some of my recent and upcoming projects.

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