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Thank you for visiting my site. I am interested in various topics including Digital Transformation, Cloud, AI, ML, IoT, Emerging Technologies, Education, Training, Leadership and other related topics. I have 15+ years of experience in Information Technology, Startups and Strategy with last ten year's emphasis on Cloud Computing, emerging technologies and services. I have a blog here on the site which I use to express my thoughts and experiences with these topics. Contact me directly to inquire or have a discussion about these or related topics. I am always very interested and eager to hear and discuss different opinions, feedback and perspectives. Let's also connect on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Here are the latest posts from my blog. Make sure you visit it to see other posts and articles. Hope you enjoy reading them and make sure you leave a comment or feedback. Thank you and look forward to your comments.

E-Book: Enterprise Digital Transformation
ByFawad Khan Mar 26, 2020

Introducing my Enterprise Digital Transformation E-Book

"Digital Transformation” has been the industry buzzword for more than a couple of years now. According to the IDC report, it is predicted

Digital Transformation Myths
ByFawad Khan Mar 2, 2020

Digital Transformation Myths

Even though the term "Digital Transformation" has been around for a few years, there is still widespread confusion about what it means or entail

Role of a CIO in Digital Transformation
ByFawad Khan Dec 11, 2019

Role of a CIO in Digital Transformation

A CIO plays a critical role in Digital Transformation and although she is not the only C-suite executive engaged in Digital Transformation initia

Digital Transformation Failures
ByFawad Khan Oct 21, 2019

5 key reasons why Enterprise Digital Transformation Initiatives fail

In this article I discuss some key factors which can play into Digital Transformation initiative failures in an Enterprise. I have summarized fi


Here are some of my recent and upcoming projects.

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