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ByFawad Khan

The Cloud of Tomorrow

In mid-November this year I was part of a panel of global Cloud experts and engaged in a Tweet chat to discuss the future of the Cloud. In this the Cloud of Tomorrow tweet chat session we discussed the emerging technologies within the Cloud Computing ecosystem and how the Cloud is evolving from just being a place for setting up simple Web apps and infrastructure to a destination to enable enterprise grade and business critical scenarios including Hybrid Cloud, Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), IoT and Blockchain. The tweet chat was sponsored by HCL technologies and was hosted via their CIO Straight Talk Twitter handle.

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ByFawad Khan

CIO’s primer on IoT

In this CIO primer I am going to introduce IoT, starting from the basics, discussing the key questions and considerations for building an IoT strategy, highlighting top IoT cloud providers and then concentrating on the Azure offerings from Microsoft. IoT is one of the core technologies along with Cognitive Computing and Machine Learning which makes the core of many Digital Transformation initiatives going on in many enterprises around the globe. If you are interested in knowing how Cloud Computing and Digital transformation are interconnected then check out my other blog post about how Cloud computing is helping the digital transformation journey of many companies. Read More

ByFawad Khan

How is Cloud Computing helping the Digital Transformation journey of many companies?

Cloud Computing is an enabler for all things which we knew how to do but we didn’t have the infrastructure or the computing resources to accomplish. With multiple Cloud providers out there including Amazon, Microsoft and Google with their global data centers and massive compute power, it is now possible for companies of all sizes from small to large enterprises to tap into that compute capacity and execute their Cloud strategy to enable their business scenarios. Certain key technologies which have gained prominence and become the industry’s buzz words lately include Cognitive Computing, Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI)  and Internet of Things (IoT).  These core technologies are playing a big part in helping many organizations in their Digital Transformation journey.

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