Monthly Archive March 2020

ByFawad Khan

Introducing my Enterprise Digital Transformation E-Book

“Digital Transformation” has been the industry buzzword for more than a couple of years now. According to the IDC report, it is predicted worldwide spending on the technologies and services that enable the digital transformation will reach $1.97T in 2022.

I have just published an E-book on Digital Transformation on Amazon:  Enterprise Digital Transformation. It helps you Understand the What, Why, How and Who of Enterprise Digital Transformation. Learn about key factors, issues, challenges and pitfalls along with recommendations on how to successfully lead the transformation in your organization.

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ByFawad Khan

Digital Transformation Myths

Even though the term “Digital Transformation” has been around for a few years, there is still widespread confusion about what it means or entails. Recently I came across an article on that I really enjoyed reading. It was discussing myths people have around Digital Transformation. The common myths mentioned in there were:

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